Great Retirement Presents Under $50

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A retirement gift is a great way to show appreciation to an employee or congratulate a friend! While you certainly should give a little gift to the soon-to-be retired guy or gal, you definitely don’t want to break the bank. Traditionally a company would offer their retiring employee a gold watch as a farewell gift, but those days are long gone. Nowadays, you can be really creative with the type of farewell gift you would like to offer the retiree.

Engraved Plaque or Frame
An engraved plaque or frame is a really wonderful way to show your appreciation to an employee or co-worker. A plaque has plenty of room for you to offer your thanks for a retiree’s service or a special message about retirement. For a great co-worker who is retiring, you might consider a nice engraved picture frame that has a picture of you and the co-worker at your favorite lunch spot or a group shot of your co-worker’s favorite office friends with a special or even humorous message about retirement.

Mini Gift Basket
If your retiree lives far away, but you would still like to get him or her something special for retirement, then consider a mini gift basket full of goodies. There are lots of themed gift baskets that can be ordered online and delivered right to your retiree’s home. A fun themed gift basket for a new retiree might be “breakfast in bed” because now he or she will be able to sleep in until whenever they want! And gift baskets don’t always have to filled with chocolate and cookies, there are even great healthy gift baskets for retirees who are watching what they eat. So it will be fun to find a great gift basket that matches your retiree’s personality and they will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift.

Make Your Own Mini Gift Basket
If you can’t find a gift basket that would be perfect for your favorite retiree, then consider putting together your own! A coffee related gift basket can be full of new gourmet coffee flavored beans, a cool coffee mug, and maybe some candies. Or a fun beach themed gift basket can include a nice beach blanket, sunscreen, healthy snacks – all tucked into a new beach bag! Making your own gift basket can be cost effective and you might even get your friends and co-workers in on the deal to create a mega gift basket where each person contributes a little something for the retiree!

Personalized Hobby-related Goods
Retirement is all about fun! So if you know what drives your retiree to wake up in the morning, then consider getting a fun hobby-related retirement present. If your retiree loves to go fishing, then consider a nice fisherman’s hat with the retiree’s name embroidered on it. If your retiree loves to workout, then a new personalized gym bag would make a great gift. Finding a hobby related gift may be a little more difficult than finding a traditional retirement gift, but it will mean so much to the retiree that you went to the trouble to make their gift memorable.

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Presentation Structure

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In my younger years, I always heard “practice makes perfect.” Persuaders who take the time to craft a well structured presentation find greater success than those who don’t. A properly structured presentation includes the following:

Create Interest

Make sure the other party is interested in what you have to offer. What’s in it for them? How can you help them be open to negotiation and create a win-win resolution?

State the Problem

Clearly define the problem you intend to alleviate. Relate your understanding of how the need or problem affects the other party so they know that you understand exactly where they’re coming from.

Offer Evidence

Support and validate your claims and concerns. Expand your credibility by giving the other side additional sources to rely on besides you. Evidence can include examples, statistics, stories, testimonies, analogies and any other supporting material that is used to enhance the integrity and congruency of your negotiation efforts.

Present a Solution

Clearly and convincingly present how your solution will meet their needs and will help them achieve their goals and objectives.


After showing them how you can fulfill their needs, your prospects should be interested in pursuing the deal further. Then, a discussion of terms naturally follows. Work out terms that are agreeable to all.

Using this type of structure facilitates people’s acceptance of what you have to offer. We all have a logical side to our minds, which results in our need for order and arrangement. If you can’t be clear, concise and orderly, the negotiation will be unclear, non-concise and disorderly.

Everyone persuades for a living. There’s no way around it. Whether you’re a sales professional, an entrepreneur, or even a stay at home parent, if you are unable to convince others to your way of thinking, you will be constantly left behind. Get your free reports at Magnetic Persuasion to make sure that you are not left watching others pass you on the road to success. Donald Trump said it best, “Study the art of persuasion. Practice it. Develop an understanding of its profound value across all aspects of life.”

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Virtual Investor Presentations – How To Meet Public Company CEO’s From The Convenience Of Your Desk

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Investor meetings are the life-blood of public companies. They can motivate potential investors to invest in a company as well as provide existing investors with information about their investment. To reach new investors, CEOs traditionally engage in road shows traveling from city-to-city to meet with investors. However, today the time and financial costs of travel have skyrocketed for busy executives, as well as investors and analysts. Worse, with today air traffic problems executives find themselves stranded in airports wasting valuable time that could be used to build a business.

Virtual Investor Presentations (VIPs) solve this problem through live virtual investor meetings using the internet to present the PowerPoint and the audio for the speaker’s presentation and Q&A. This allows CEO’s of public companies and investors to attend a live meeting in the convenience of their offices.

VIPs are NOT webcasts of live conference presentations. They allow the audience to interact with the presenter and receive answers to their questions just as they would at the live conference itself.

VIPs don’t replace face-to-face meetings; rather, as part of a comprehensive Investor Relations Program, they complement such meetings. Just as companies use webinars to market their services and products to potential buyers, and then follow-up with one-on-one sales meetings with serious prospects, cost-effective Investor Relations Officers companies use VIPs to introduce their company to potential investors, and then travel for one-on-one meetings with investors anxious to make a commitment.

One of the best benefits of a VIP, is that it can reach a larger, potentially, national audience, since all investors and analysts can attend from the convenience of their offices. This allows the public company to put itself on these people’s radar screens, and then follow-up with them to show that they are delivering on the promise. And when they do, they can announce another VIP to let people know that the company is executing on its growth strategy – something every investor wants to hear!

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Good Christmas Present Idea in 2010 – Something Different and Unique

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Trying to find a good Christmas present idea 2010 can be really difficult; there are a lot of options this Christmas, and just about every Christmas! What makes this even more difficult is when the person you’re trying to shop for is really picky; trying to get everything right for them can put a lot of stress on you! Many online articles will suggest you buy a cookie cutter present for your giftee, but this guide is going to suggest some alternatives; make this Christmas different and give a gift that’s a little different this year!

A gift of health and wellness is an excellent alternative to the usually hum drum gifts of electronics, expensive fashion items, and other things we’ve come to expect. But what is a gift of wellness? These can include classes that help people lead healthier lives, like yoga or cooking! Wellness gifts are good Christmas present ideas, and you should consider them as something to give this year that will be different than the usual gifts of perfume or electronics.

Even if they aren’t already into wellness, healing or a holistic lifestyle maybe you can be the catalyst to get them on board to begin taking better care of themselves. The best gifts are the ones that can bring about positive change in another persons life!

Energy jewelry can be a pretty sweet gift to give, and for many reasons. They’re usually made with fine metals and volcanic rocks that make for some beautiful pieces of jewelry. Pendants are widely thought of as the best kind of energy jewelry, as it’s versatile compared to the other forms of energy jewelry available. While it’s offered by many companies and websites, it’s hard to pick which is the best to buy, and know why you should buy one at all.

If you wonder how these work, it’s pretty simple. Scalar or Quantum energy is one of the multitudes of energy that has existed since the beginning of time; like solar, wind, and electromagnetic field radiation, it’s natural. What sets it apart from other forms of energy is that it stays intact when it passes through other forms of matter, meaning you can wear it right against your skin or over heavy winter clothing without any loss in effectiveness.

Since it’s positively charged ions can repel negative energies, neutralizing it and even transforming it back into positive energy; one of the best features is that it can neutralize EMF energies. Other than this, scalar energy has been proven to promote healthy cell regeneration, flexibility, stamina, and mental alertness.

No matter what you choose, there are plenty of good Christmas present ideas in 2010 to choose from, just get the one that you feel they might actually use!

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The Invisible Close Sales Nugget – Three Secrets to Success When Presenting to Women

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As I said in my greeting, I’ve been thinking about the experience of presenting to women. Although the techniques I teach do apply across the board, I’ve noticed some intriguing differences in how men and women respond during presentations.

Sometimes it’s a difference of degree. For example, you want to use stories in every presentation, regardless of the gender make-up of your audience. But if you’re talking to women, stories will get you an even greater result.

Here are three principles to put into practice when presenting to women that will make you (and your offer!) irresistible!

1. Show Your Panties (Okay…not literally!)
The first thing you do in your presentation is introduce yourself. Your behind-the-scenes intention is to quickly build credibility with your audience and create vulnerability, so that they know you have been where they are. I call that showing them your panties.

When you’re on stage, your audience sees you as an authority. You’re a role model. You inspire them. If you build on that, your credibility goes way up. Then you bring in vulnerability. You don’t diminish yourself in any way, but you humble yourself. You say, “Yes, I have accomplished all of that. But here I am. I’m just like you.”

Show how you’ve struggled and what you’ve overcome. You don’t need dramatic food stamps or homelessness stories. I haven’t experienced any of that, but I have plenty of stories of where I’ve tried, failed, and gotten up to try again. What you want is to show your underbelly, show that you are real and that you can relate to the women in your audience.

Vulnerability is a powerful tool that women, especially, respond to. Perhaps because it connects us heart-to-heart. And whether it’s inherent in our gender or created by the culture, women love to connect. So trust the women in your audience with your vulnerability and they will trust you.

2. A Story for Every Point
The story that reveals your vulnerability is only the first one that you tell. People perk up when someone starts to share a story. And later, when they think about the presentation, it’s the stories they remember.

Stories provide emotional impact; they connect us. And remember what I said about women, we love to connect. Stories are also great because they take you, the presenter, out of teaching mode and bring you into intimate contact with every woman who’s listening. Just think about how powerful that is!

3. The Magic of Ending Early
When you’re passionate about your subject and on a roll, it is so hard to stop talking. But when you’re presenting to women, stopping even two minutes early can pay off in a big way.

I’ve noticed that if an event is supposed to end at 9:00 pm, and you end at 9:02 pm, the women in your audience will be perched in their chairs with their purses collected, ready to dash out the door. But if you end at 8:58 pm, they are still relaxed and will stay and shop at your store. And sometimes they hang around up to 20 or 30 minutes, giving you the opportunity to make a sale you would have lost if you’d run late.

And finally, as a bonus, here are a few more tips, which are drawn from my dear friend Linda Hollander’s book, Bags to Riches: 7 Success Secrets for Women in Business. When selling to women, keep these in mind.

* You have to romance the sale. You can’t just go in for the close.
* Of course, treat them with respect. Women have not always been respected in business, so we have our radar out for this.
* Don’t provide information, provide solutions. Be in the solutions business. Most working women with families just don’t have a lot of time. Don’t pepper them with information they have to sort through, offer them something valuable that will empower them now in a practical way in their own working lives.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Be vulnerable, tell stories, end early, provide solutions. It is, really, once you commit to it. And if you do, you’ll watch your sales conversion rate with women rise sky high.

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Top 10 Ways to Butcher Your Presentation and How to Avoid Them

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1. Getting there late.

Walking frantically into a room full of people who have been waiting for you to arrive can be an embarrassing situation. Unless you are a magician, you might as well turn around and leave. It would take a miracle to get this audience to forget the inconvenience you have caused them. They probably have already passed judgment on you, deciding you’re an inconsiderate speaker rather than a viable expert in your field. Make the extra effort to arrive at least 1/2 hour before the event begins.

2. Apologizing before you start.

Starting off your presentation with “Uh, I’m sorry that I . . .” is the quickest, most assured way to lose your audience’s attention and leave them cold. Remember, YOU are the expert and true experts have nothing to be sorry for. The audience doesn’t care if you have a cold, woke up late, got caught in traffic, or tripped on a banana skin. All they care about is what information you’re going to give them that will benefit them in the shortest amount of time. Remember Love Story-”Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

3. Not having a clear purpose.

Not having a clearly defined purpose for speaking is like driving to a restaurant in another city without a clue about how to get there. You’ll end up meandering, not really going anywhere, until finally the people in the car with you get frustrated, lose their patience, and take a mental exit, determined never to ride with you again. Decide why you are speaking, and to whom, and stick to it.

4. Pacing while you speak.

Walking back and forth is a BIG distraction to your audience. Not only will their necks hurt after the game of Ping-Pong that you just put them through, but you’ll have them anxiously wondering “Is this ever going to stop!?” Pacing keeps the audience from hearing what you’re saying. Movement is good; it keeps a presentation lively and interesting. However, it’s important to move with a purpose instead of meandering.

5. Swaying in the wind.

Like pacing, swaying in front of an audience is a HUGE no-no. Not only is it a distraction, it may even make your audience seasick. The best way to keep from swaying is to stand in the rooted position, which is when both feet are shoulder-length apart. Standing in this position will create a look of confidence and eliminate the temptation to sway.

6. Leaning on the lectern.

A surefire way to lose your audience’s confidence is to lean on the lectern. Not only does this casual style show a lack of respect to both the audience and the lectern, it also gives the appearance of a sloppy speaker. Treat the lectern as you would your child. Never lean on it, hit it, or leave it unattended.

7. Speaking in a monotone voice.

Speaking in a one-dimensional, monotone voice is boring, boring, boring. If you deliver your presentation using only one vocal pitch and rate, you’ll surely put your audience to sleep. People can’t grasp your message if they’re snoring. Therefore, it’s important to create excitement and keep interest by using a variety of vocal tones, pitches, and rates when you speak.

8. Avoiding eye contact.

The old adage “look above your audience’s head” is a bunch of hogwash and should never be done. If you don’t look at your audience, they’ll soon lose interest and ignore you, too. To reach your audience, you must connect with them. The best way to do this is by looking them directly in the eyes as you speak. That doesn’t mean you stare at them. It means you look at each person for about three to four seconds, then move on to the next person. Be careful not to bop your head from one side of the room to the other. Instead, slowly move from one person to the next in a sweeping motion.

9. Using the wrong hand gestures.

Inappropriate hand gestures such as placing your hands in your pockets or flailing them can be as distracting as pacing the floor. Keep hands and arms comfortably at your side ready to jump up and make a meaningful gesture. The best gestures are those that demonstrate an action or a point of measure. All gestures should add to the understanding of the message, not be distractions.

10. Taking a mental exit.

Forgetting what you’re going to say can really mess up a presentation. It can cause great awkwardness and often is hard to cover up. Typically, speakers forget what they’re going to say because they have either memorized their speech or relied too heavily on their notes. If this happens, simply return to the lectern, look down at your notes, pause and look up at your audience, and deliver the next line. The main message here is to not panic. Never let your audience see you sweat.

For more tips and articles, visit

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Bring Popcorn To Your Next Powerpoint – Imbed A Video Into Your Presentation

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“Their eyes seem to glaze over anytime I mention showing our PowerPoint,” said Paul. His concern was real and I soon found out why. “We have a presentation coming with a Fortune 50 company; I don’t want them taking a nap during our presentation. We need to get and keep their attention,” said Paul. “How can we do that, Joe?”

Paul’s concern is common with a lot of my clients. Even though they have jam-packed their PowerPoint with information and they try their best not to be promotional in their presentation, they still found their clients being less than impressed.

One answer is to appeal to both sides of a prospect’s presentation experience, by not only telling them facts but showing them an example. How? Embed a video right in the PowerPoint. A video that expands on the information you are telling and directly shows those benefits in action.

In this example, we knew that prospects had been having a hard time ordering and printing business cards. (Paul’s company is printing) The prospects have to deal with all those names, different titles, different numbers and they are constantly changing with new hires, and promotions as well as people leaving.

So, not only did we tell about Paul’s company in a PowerPoint, we did a video and showed the problem with business cards for a company and showed how a business card is processed and made. The end of the video showed how Paul’s company had their own delivery trucks to assure that deliveries are in control and on time.

Prospects were impressed that Paul’s company handled all facets of the production in house. So, what was the result? “We started writing business the same day we made the presentation, said Paul. “We had never done that before and I think it’s because of your video.”

Why..? A combination of choosing a topic that was common with most prospects, (business cards), while doing a PowerPoint presentation that was entertaining, engaging and relevant. We used a video that got their attention and told a story. It demonstrated a level of professionalism and sensitivity to keep client engaged and entertained. Prospects wanted to do business with the company right away.

So what principles do you need to remember when you do the video? Keep these following tips in mind;

o Video must have some type of story–Problem, what happens, end resolution

o No Talking Heads, please!!

o Have video complement/expand but not repeat presentation points

o Make sure you have good sound speakers for presentation–If your prospects can’t hear clearly, it is a waste of good video

o End your presentation with the movie portion, have a memorable ending that tells them what you want your prospect to do next

PowerPoint presentations are so often dreaded because so many companies abuse them by not doing their homework, reading from the screen, etc. Put the POW back in your PowerPoint with an embedded video that shows them benefits you bring to their problem. You’ll have an interested client that will want to go to the next step of buying from you.

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7 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Christmas Presents for Men

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Don’t panic. There’s still time to find the perfect Christmas presents for men. Yes it’s that time again and you’re stumped. “What do I get my husband, dad, brother, or uncle Bob for Christmas this year?” Well, if you’re feeling under pressure, relax. There are tons of great ideas for Christmas presents that the man in your life will love. Read this article to learn how to pick right one for him and where to find it.

The first thing we need to do is decide what this person does in his spare time or what’s the most important item on his Christmas wish list.

Is your man a Sportsman? Does he play football, rugby cricket, tennis or squash? If he does then think about a Christmas present related to his sport. Consider buying him a new tennis racquet maybe or a new hold-all for his cricket gear. Sporting goods and accessories make great Christmas presents for men.

Maybe your husband is the outdoor type. Does he spend hours in the garden or take long walks with the dog? If the answer’s then look at gardening tools, the latest gardening books. Why not choose an MP3 player like the iPod Touch so he can listen to his favourite music when he’s out with Rover?

Do you have a DIY expert on your Christmas list? Yes, great because this is an easy win for you. Which power tool is missing from his collection or has he told you about a drill that keeps breaking. If he has, replace it with a shiny new one. He’ll be smiling from ear to ear when he opens this unexpected gift.

Does your Dad have an aquarium or run a model railway in the loft. Perhaps he’s a collector or loves photography. Whatever the hobby there’s bound to be something they need that’s linked to their past-time. Just ask a few questions and you’ll soon know what to buy him for Christmas.

If he says he doesn’t need anything, why not surprise him with an annual subscription to a related newsletter or hobby magazine. You could consider buying him a book about his hobby, the history of it or even an autobiography from a famous person who shares his passion.

Do you have an avid reader who needs a Christmas present? If so, take a look at one of the new electronic reading books – there’s a review of one on my site (click on the link below).

If he prefers holding a real book in his hands but you don’t what he likes to read, give him a gift card. Don’t think that a gift card is an easy way out, it’s not, I love getting gift cards because I can choose the books instead of someone else trying to guess my choice of reading material.

The same goes for music lovers, if you don’t know their taste in music give them a gift card. If you do know what he likes – buy him the latest album or even better if he is a close relative why not take him to see his favourite band or orchestra.

Christmas presents for men don’t get better than gadgets or boy’s toys. There’s hardly a man on the planet that won’t be thrilled with the latest hot item. Whether it’s a new Smartphone, plasma T.V., espresso coffee maker or laptop computer you can’t go wrong buying us men something shiny with buttons to press.

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What Leslie Nielsen, ‘Airplane!’ And ‘Naked Gun’ Star Can Teach Business Presenters

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One of the funniest films of the 1980s has to be ‘Airplane’ – a parody of air travel – with Leslie Nielsen playing a deadpan role with a line that he became most known for. Amidst all the chaos going on in the movie, people would frequently say:

“Surely you can’t be serious!”

Nielsen’s character would reply:

“I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.”)

With a career spanning six decades, Nielsen is a good role model for business presenters. Here are a few things we can learn:

Be open to comedy

Nielsen played serious roles for over 30 years before he moved into comedy and parody roles, like the Naked Gun franchise. As business presenters are we open to comedy? I recommend that all presenters follow stand-up comedy as much as possible. There is nothing harder in the world that being in a dark room full of people with a microphone and having to make them laugh for 40 minutes. Watch as much stand up as you can -either live or on video. Buy a book on how to write a joke and bring humour into your business presentations whenever you can. Make sure that you are staying on the right side of good taste as a corporate presentation is not as racy as a comedy club. If you are not sure check with a friend before you deliver.

Be known for something

Nielson was best known for the above catchphrase. What is your catchphrase? What are you known for? I like the phrase “you get what you give” which acts as one of my guides in life. It prompts me to give as much value as I can as freely as I can. You might have a quotation from someone, or advice you received from a teacher. Have a handy catchphrase when you are presenting to your team – it can help them understand what drives you better and also help them catch your point.

Be in it for the long haul

In a world where Facebook keeps people busy and unproductive, the work ethic may be a thing of the past. I hope not. Nielsen worked into his 80s and appeared in over 100 films and 1,500 television programs over the span of his career, portraying over 220 characters. Whatever field you are working in make sure that you are in for the long haul. Imagine you are on a 50 year career journey. What do you want to achieve? Putting off writing that book? Why not give yourself two years and set the target of writing 20 words a day. People underestimate what can be achieved through consistent effort and so they keep postponing starting a project.

Take a leaf out of Nielsen’s book and remember to be:

  1. Open to comedy
  2. Known for something
  3. In it for the long haul

And why not take another look at Airplane or Naked Gun and refresh yourself on how funny films really don’t need computer graphics to be funny.

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How To Do A Listing Presentation

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When You Solve Their Problems – Only Then Do You Get Their Listing!

That’s all consumers want – as all of us buy products and services that resolve our problems. For example, you buy a lawn mower to solve your problem called ‘long grass’.

Well the same applies to sellers. They have 12 problems they want resolved before they’ll agree to list with you. By showing them the solution to these 12 problems, you’ll get their listing. And isn’t that the reason why you go on listing appointments in the first place!

1. First Impressions Do Count!

Let’s face it, first impressions do count. Would you take a buyer out to view homes driving a rusted out 1974 Buick? Would you attend a listing appointment wearing a tee shirt and shorts? Or how about giving a prospect a handwritten business card? Of course not, for you know image is critical for success. This is why it is essential for you to use only high quality, impressive and effective marketing materials to guarantee your success.

2. You May Not Like It, But Homeowners Do Judge A Book By Its Cover!

Image and impression are as equally important when it comes to the listing presentation itself. Just think of all the prospecting time and effort you’ve invested to book the listing appointment.

* Are you going to blow it all away by using a non-personalized, ineffective, company standard listing presentation?

* After all, you only have one chance at making a good impression!

And you need to invest only a few dollars to achieve exceptional ‘first impression’ results.

3. What Is The Homeowner Hearing From Other Agents?

Do you know that the average homeowner interviews 2 to 7 real estate agents before selecting one to list his home? This presents us with a question that is extremely important to success. What are these other agents telling the homeowner about the marketing strategies for his home?

* Public Open House

* Newspaper ads

* Local TV & radio ads

* Internet Exposure

* MLS Open House

* Office Open House

4. With Every Realtor Telling The Homeowner The Same Thing… Which Agent Do You Think The Homeowner Decides To Select As The Listing Agent?

The answer is… The one agent the homeowner is most impressed with when it comes to the content and appearance of the listing presentation itself.

5. What Do We Mean By Content & Appearance?

Perhaps this example will help us to effectively explain the issue. When you go to a grocery store and walk down the cereal aisle you’ll find manufacturers competing with each other for your business via professionally designed boxes that are exceptional in content and appearance. (Content means the words on the box and not the the cereal in the box.)


Well, corn flakes are corn flakes and they know it. So in efforts to make a distinction in the eyes of consumers over their competition, they invest literally tens of thousands of dollars in designing just the right looking box.

6. Therefore, Your Extra Advantage Over The Other Agents Is Found By…

Having a listing presentation that not only is great in content but is also visually impressive!

7. The Vast Majority of Homeowners Want To Be Educated Instead Of Sold By A Realtor!

Just put yourself into the back into the shoes of a homeowner for a moment! Would you want your Realtor using a ‘sales’ approach while on the listing presentation or would you rather prefer your Realtor to ‘fully explain’ every detail of the marketing process?

* The obvious answer is education.

And top listing agents understand this point and have designed their listing presentations to be educational instead of sales oriented. The end result are more listings with fewer problems!

8. And This Is What The ’12 Reasons Why To List With Me!’ Presentation Is All About!

It is for those agents who do not want to use sales tricks and gimmicks in an effort to get a listing. In plain language, they want to teach rather then sell homeowners into their services.

9. Why Do ‘Top Producers’ Use The ’12 Reasons Why To List With Me!’ Format?

There are two reasons why 83.7% of top producers choose this listing presentation format over all others available within the industry.

Reason #1: To Create Problems!

* Top producers value the power of problems. They understand problems, and their solutions, are the reasons why homeowners make the decision to list a home. However top producers approach these problems and solutions in an unique way.

* They do not wait for the homeowner to present a problem. Rather top producers ‘seed’ their listing presentation with specific problems. They then outline the solutions to these problems to the homeowner throughout the presentation. This strategy translates into more listings, more often than any other listing presentation style.

Reason #2: To Create Division!

* Top producers understand their listing presentations must cause the seller to agree to list before they discuss home pricing. This division between service and price is essential in terms of securing a listing.

* In fact, failure to separate service from price within a presentation is the #1 reason why average Realtors lose listings.

10. But That Does Not Need To Happen To You Anymore!

The “12 Reasons Why To List With Me!” listing solution will show you how to divide the listing presentation from the pricing presentation, allowing you to gain the commitment to list from the seller before you discuss price.

This results in an incredible explosion in listing success. And listings are the name of the game for any Realtor who wants to earn $150,000 + per year!

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