Good Christmas Present Idea in 2010 – Something Different and Unique

Trying to find a good Christmas present idea 2010 can be really difficult; there are a lot of options this Christmas, and just about every Christmas! What makes this even more difficult is when the person you’re trying to shop for is really picky; trying to get everything right for them can put a lot of stress on you! Many online articles will suggest you buy a cookie cutter present for your giftee, but this guide is going to suggest some alternatives; make this Christmas different and give a gift that’s a little different this year!

A gift of health and wellness is an excellent alternative to the usually hum drum gifts of electronics, expensive fashion items, and other things we’ve come to expect. But what is a gift of wellness? These can include classes that help people lead healthier lives, like yoga or cooking! Wellness gifts are good Christmas present ideas, and you should consider them as something to give this year that will be different than the usual gifts of perfume or electronics.

Even if they aren’t already into wellness, healing or a holistic lifestyle maybe you can be the catalyst to get them on board to begin taking better care of themselves. The best gifts are the ones that can bring about positive change in another persons life!

Energy jewelry can be a pretty sweet gift to give, and for many reasons. They’re usually made with fine metals and volcanic rocks that make for some beautiful pieces of jewelry. Pendants are widely thought of as the best kind of energy jewelry, as it’s versatile compared to the other forms of energy jewelry available. While it’s offered by many companies and websites, it’s hard to pick which is the best to buy, and know why you should buy one at all.

If you wonder how these work, it’s pretty simple. Scalar or Quantum energy is one of the multitudes of energy that has existed since the beginning of time; like solar, wind, and electromagnetic field radiation, it’s natural. What sets it apart from other forms of energy is that it stays intact when it passes through other forms of matter, meaning you can wear it right against your skin or over heavy winter clothing without any loss in effectiveness.

Since it’s positively charged ions can repel negative energies, neutralizing it and even transforming it back into positive energy; one of the best features is that it can neutralize EMF energies. Other than this, scalar energy has been proven to promote healthy cell regeneration, flexibility, stamina, and mental alertness.

No matter what you choose, there are plenty of good Christmas present ideas in 2010 to choose from, just get the one that you feel they might actually use!

What Indicators For Presentations to Include Through PowerPoint

Just what kind of indicators for presentation should you use when you are coming up with a balanced scorecard PowerPoint presentation? This is something that companies need to take into consideration as well. Now, a lot of companies nowadays might be guilty of taking this for granted. But this is something that you should not forego yourself at all. After all, the balanced scorecard is one of the most prominent and most effective managerial tools that you can ever use.

Thus, it is important to make sure that all of your employees, and not just the members of the management team, are able to comprehend completely the role of the balanced scorecard and the metrics that it contains, as well as how to use them. To ensure complete comprehension, why not use a PowerPoint or PPT presentation for this? After all, PPT presentations have also become notoriously used because such presentations are easy to prepare and they make explaining so much easier to do.

And get this! There have been studies that show that people are able to understand things more clearly when PPT presentations of whatever concept they have to learn and understand are given. PPT presentations make great demonstrations of concepts, after all. And a PPT presentation can indeed be utilized in a coherent and comprehensive discussion of the balanced scorecard and its different aspects.

Being part of the management team, it would not be difficult for you to grasp the concept of the balanced scorecard and its aspects fully. However, you have to remember that not all people under your employ are holders of management degrees. Thus, there would be terms and aspects that your employees might find difficult to grasp fully. But with the help of your PPT presentation, you can use the program’s features to make these concepts easier to grasp. This is indeed one of the perks of using PPT presentations.

Another great thing about PowerPoint as a program is that whatever presentation you may have in mind, you can actually entice your audience to be as interactive as you want them to be. The program allows you to insert animated images, for starters, which are of great help when it comes to retaining the attention of your audience. More importantly, these animated images can make your presentation more interesting, thereby grabbing everyone’s attention more effectively.

So, what should this PPT presentation include then? In a nutshell, you should include indicators, measures, initiatives, and targets in your presentation. Of course, do not give just the nutshell details – you need to dig deeper and provide an in-depth discussion of all of these aspects. Furthermore, you should also include the different roles that every employee in the company plays, as well as their responsibilities and tasks that come with the job.

And do not just stop there! Do not thing including indicators for presentation would be enough. Go the extra mile and discuss other concepts, such as Six Sigma Reengineering, Benchmarking, Activity Based Costing, Statistical Process Control, Forecasting, TQM or Total Quality Management, and more! Remember that this presentation should be as thorough as needed so make sure to go the extra mile here.

What Leslie Nielsen, ‘Airplane!’ And ‘Naked Gun’ Star Can Teach Business Presenters

One of the funniest films of the 1980s has to be ‘Airplane’ – a parody of air travel – with Leslie Nielsen playing a deadpan role with a line that he became most known for. Amidst all the chaos going on in the movie, people would frequently say:

“Surely you can’t be serious!”

Nielsen’s character would reply:

“I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.”)

With a career spanning six decades, Nielsen is a good role model for business presenters. Here are a few things we can learn:

Be open to comedy

Nielsen played serious roles for over 30 years before he moved into comedy and parody roles, like the Naked Gun franchise. As business presenters are we open to comedy? I recommend that all presenters follow stand-up comedy as much as possible. There is nothing harder in the world that being in a dark room full of people with a microphone and having to make them laugh for 40 minutes. Watch as much stand up as you can -either live or on video. Buy a book on how to write a joke and bring humour into your business presentations whenever you can. Make sure that you are staying on the right side of good taste as a corporate presentation is not as racy as a comedy club. If you are not sure check with a friend before you deliver.

Be known for something

Nielson was best known for the above catchphrase. What is your catchphrase? What are you known for? I like the phrase “you get what you give” which acts as one of my guides in life. It prompts me to give as much value as I can as freely as I can. You might have a quotation from someone, or advice you received from a teacher. Have a handy catchphrase when you are presenting to your team – it can help them understand what drives you better and also help them catch your point.

Be in it for the long haul

In a world where Facebook keeps people busy and unproductive, the work ethic may be a thing of the past. I hope not. Nielsen worked into his 80s and appeared in over 100 films and 1,500 television programs over the span of his career, portraying over 220 characters. Whatever field you are working in make sure that you are in for the long haul. Imagine you are on a 50 year career journey. What do you want to achieve? Putting off writing that book? Why not give yourself two years and set the target of writing 20 words a day. People underestimate what can be achieved through consistent effort and so they keep postponing starting a project.

Take a leaf out of Nielsen’s book and remember to be:

  1. Open to comedy
  2. Known for something
  3. In it for the long haul

And why not take another look at Airplane or Naked Gun and refresh yourself on how funny films really don’t need computer graphics to be funny.